What do you think? Could these statements form the basis of a new way for Christians to congregate?




I am content to…

…believe that God exists and created life. As the Author of truth and love, He is Perfecter of our lives.

…believe that all truth is of God and that it is revealed everywhere, to be found by those who seek it with integrity.

…believe that my life has greater meaning if I attain to spiritual maturity through love and truth as the most meaningful measurements of achievement.

…trust that life after death is ultimately God’s doing, not mine, and that God will achieve ultimate justice and love in the outcome of all life.

…turn the knowledge I have gained into meaningful and helpful activity.

…engage in meaningful conversation, even if it does not end in agreement or cooperation.

…love and be loved; treating others as I would choose to be treated by them.

…believe that the most important things in life are the things that endure beyond our span of years.

…celebrate life and search for beauty in divine and human creations.

…change as is necessary to increase my conformity to the truth.


I am not content to…

…judge by any prejudice, but give all a chance to prove their character.

…live by excuses or any other form of untruth.

…argue for my own views without having heard the views of others with an open mind and heart.

…allow others to define me or define truth for me.

…allow uncivil restrictions on my freedom or impose them on others.

…act as if solutions to our problems are found through violence, competition, or politics. Instead, they are achieved through dialogue and compromise, creating informed consent among the majority of the community’s members.

…allow evil to continue because of my activity or inactivity. 



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